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FC-PGA cooling using a PPGA heatsink? Perhaps try an old Athletic trainer tip - the horseshoe pad?


Oct 14, 1999
FC-PGA users can really become frustrated when they try to mount their old trusty PPGA/SS7 heatsinks to their cpu. I saw a Duron today and thought about something...

Durons use rubber pads on all four corners to keep the heatsink from going on cock-eyed. A slightly off-center heatsink can spell doom to these fragile new FC-PGA designs, so mounting perfection is a must. The rubber pads insure a perfect mount every time.

Why not try a rubber "U"-shaped pad on the Coppermines/Celeron-!!'s? Rubber is very happy with compression. My only reservation would be to make sure that the Rubber can handle heat. I do know older Rubber that is years old can vulcanize. (Its a very bad thing!) The newer formulas probably aren't going to be so susceptible heat/time like the ones with an older age, though.

Athletic trainers use horseshoe pads to keep foot wraps and elbow wraps firmly in place. The pressure of the wrap and the fold in the pad keep it from moving around. The same concept should work with heatsinks, too.

Does anyone know if a Rubber pad, say cut out of Firestone roofing sheets, would be plausible?


Senior member
Oct 9, 1999

Someone had a web page up where they built up the corners of the chip with electrical tape. Adding piece by piece till it was tall enough.