Faulty RAM slot + system freezing HELP! X99-Deluxe


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Aug 7, 2015

I'm posting this in "motherboards" because I suppose it is a motherboard problem; I can´t be sure however.


MB: Asus X99-Deluxe
CPU: i7-5820K
RAM: Kingston HyperX 4x4 16gb-2666
PSU: RM850

Problem Description:

1- One RAM slot suddenly stopped being recognized, so now I have 12gb out of 16gb. The RAM sticks are fine, and the slots used to work fine until I changed to Win10 and saw that one slot was "missing". The cpu-z shows all 4 slots, however it says "tripple channel". The bios recognizes only 3 slots (it is the latest bios version).
2- The system randomly freezes. First time it was just en empty desktop; second time I was watching a video on youtube and it froze up with looping sound.

I believe these two problems are somehow related, since I didn´t have neither of them before.


Bought a new gaming pc just a month ago, all the components are brand new except my old SSD and my even older HD. Had to RMA the graphics card and the PSU because of the coil whine, then RMA the CPU aswell because of the random system freezing and multiple BSODs. After receiving the new CPU everything worked fine at last... But a few days later one ram slot stopped being recognized, and now the freezing... It wouldn´t surprise me if the motherboard was faulty aswell, but I must be as sure as possible.

What I already tried:

1- Booting with each of the ram sticks in the first slot only. All of them are recognized in bios.
2- Running the MemTest.
3- Reseating the CPU. There is a tiny hair in the socket, stuck between the pins. But since I don´t have the tools (and neither the experience) to remove it from there, I decided not to touch it. Could it possibly be the cause of all this? It´s very very small, but perhaps worth mentioning.
4- Since I had lots of problems with other hardware components, I had to install and uninstall them multiple times, including the ram sticks. Could it be that I finally broke the motherboard myself? :(
5- Talked to ASUS support via online chat. After a few obvious questions like "are you sure you have put the sticks in the right slots?" they told me to RMA the board.

If somebody has any clues or ideas of what is going on... I would appreciate it very much!


Mar 10, 2004
Carefully try a small nozzle on a vacuum cleaner to see if you can remove that hair?

I had a small piece of debris in an 1150 socket and I was able to carefully use a dental pick to loosen it up and remove it.


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Jan 8, 2012
I think the hair is the issue.

Or maybe the switch to win 10.

A vacuum with a white tee shirt held tightly over the nozzle could suck the hair out.

The hair will show up against the tee shirt and the tee shirt will reduce suction to a safer level.


Mar 18, 2002
Be careful with the vacuum. Vacuums are a excellent source of damaging computers with static electricity. The fibers that a vacuum picks up generates it. Use a wrist strap or constantly hold the bare computer tower.