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Question faulty graphic card on acer predator 17


Junior Member
Aug 15, 2020
Hi everyone,

My laptop Acer Predator 17 g9-793, is not turning on at all, only led lights and fan ON, but no sound and black screen constantly.
I brought the machine to a specialists who said the the graphic chip is faulty and the machine needed the whole motherboard replaced as the graphic chip is wielded on in.

Is there any chance i can use an external gaming box with a new gpu or a mini PCIe adapter to do so?
buying a motherboard is the only way to fix it ?

ps: the graphic card was a Nvidia Gtx 1070ti so lets make that i want the same characteristics :
new motherboard will cost 1.000 pounds,
laptop new is 2.000 pounds,
external gaming thunderbolt 3 setting complete is about 750 pound,
PCIe adapter setting complete is about 500 pounds