Fastest agp 4x card I can use


Jan 24, 2006
Hello, I am currently upgrading the video card in my computer and don't know what card to buy. I was going to buy a 6600, but read a previous post concerning the video processing the cpu has to go through because the person was using an older cpu. My current computer setup is old, I'm using a Pentium 3 866 Mhz cpu with 256 MB of memory and a Antec 350W power supply. Will my computer benifet from using a 6600 or should use a different card like a 6200 or 5500? Any help will be great, Thank You.


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Apr 4, 2001
Originally posted by: Subwayeatbig
Get a new rig.

he speaks the truth, although it wasnt a very helpful post.

most likely ur cpu and ram is more of a bottleneck than ur videocard right now, in almost anything you do.

best value at the moment are sempros combos that can be had for less than 100 bux and it'll run circles around ur current setup.

so lets figure u were planning to spend 150ish for a new video card. instead of that, spend it towards a cpu/mobo combo for less than 100, another 50ish for ram, and finally around 80 bux or so for a 9800 pro or the 6600 that you speak of.

thats still kinda pushing it for an "upgrade" especially if u play any sort of games today at a decent resolution and settings.

judging from the age of ur computer, its been a LONG time since u've upgraded and blowing a decent wad of cash right now is definitely warranted. 4-5 hundred will get you a very decent value rig. even 300 will be suffice if u look hard enough for ur parts and re-use ur case and power supply.