Fan placement in case


Feb 11, 2001
I'm planning to bust out the Dremmel on my PC this summer when i realized that I'm not sure where to put the fans.

I'm curious if you guys could tell me where and how many fans you have in your case. I was thinkiing of adding some fans to the back of the case and maybe one to either the top or side. I'd like any opinions about this and any past experiences youy may have had.

Also on a side note..... Are 60mm fans okay to use as exhaust fans? My case is old school, and has that funky bend in the back and 60mm will fit with little hassle.


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Dec 30, 2000
all panaflos

80mm side panel blowing across agp/pci's
80mm front intake
2 80mm rear exhaust
80mm topside exhaust
3 hard drive coolers each running dual 40mm
and an 80mm panaflo on my alpha 8045.

Little bit of overkill, but it's BGmicro's fault! Anyhow....You need a front intake or bay cooler to pull air in. A side panel to actively cool your video card. And at least one good rear exhaust fan. If your case temps are high, add a topside exhaust fan (heat rises, not to mention the PSU is a portable heater). I would personally try and go for a larger fan size, as the smaller ones are less effective without high rpm's and overwhelming noise. But any airflow addition is better then none!



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Oct 16, 1999
Generally speaking, you want all your intake fans low in the case, and all your exhaust fans high in the case. Heat rises, so the hot spots will be at the top of the case. In my case, I have 1 80mm bottom front intake, 2 92mm bottom left intakes, 2 80mm exhausts beneath the power supply, and an 80mm exhaust fan in the power supply. Once I get my water cooling kit, I'll add a 120mm exhaust at the top back. This way, all my air flow in from the bottom front and left, and exhausts out the back. I have airflow moving across all my components to move the heat away, and it gets pulled out at the top back.



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Aug 31, 2001
2 Sunon 120mm side intake over AGP/pcis
1 Y.S Tech front intake (bottom)
1 Papst 80mm rear exaust
1 papst 92mm top blowhole
60 mm delta on my SK-6

Comp sounds like a biplane but it works. idle tem is under 40C