Fan Control on Antec Tru-Power


Jul 7, 2004
I recently got an Antec Tru-Power 430 watt PS and it works great and is very quiet.
It has connections for " fan only" and the manuel says that these connections will control fan speeds thermostatically and will run the fans at the lowest speed till it needs to run faster because of heat. Ive hooked up one to my intake and one to my exhaust fans.
I am using a Bay Cooler HD fan as an intake fan without the HD in it and the exhaust fan is your basic 80mm.
Question: The exhaust fan speed never seems to get any higher than the slowest speed even after a few hours of gaming
and the little Bay Cooler fans dont start at all untill I blow on them to get them spinning.
My CPU never gets above 55c and my video card gets up to 76c max. Does this mean the case is cool enough and the fans dont need to run any faster?