Solved! Failover Solution vs Consumer Protections


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Jun 3, 2022
Hello, I need some help if anyone can offer some guidance or suggestion. I am not a networking expert but I'm administering a remote network in Canada using cellular modems with data caps/overage charges. The CRTC, a consumer protection/regulation body here in Canada has mandated that when you reach the limit of your data cap, before going into any overage charges you must be prompted a warning that needs to be manually acknowledged before it restores service.

We are looking for as close to 100% uptime at this site as possible and even though we have multiple cellular modems set up for failover, the failover doesnt seem to trigger when this data blocking prompt appears... my hypothesis is as it still seems to have internet connectivity, but can't connect to anything but this prompt until its cleared.

We talked to ISP to see if they could remove it but because its legally mandated by CRTC there is nothing they can do. So I am very humbly asking if anyone has any ideas as to how we can engineer around this issue to keep our internet connection from dropping out when it uses data? Thanks



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Jul 6, 2007
You probably will need someone (or yourself) to write a program to watch the account so it can automatically login the webpage and then click through several links and buttons to extend the data usage.

Several tools come to mind (probably a combination) : Selinium (Python based) for browsers, PowerAutomate from MS (probably the easiest way now) , MS Office Outlook (using Visual Basic for Applications), AutoHotKey or maybe even Powershell, etc. Move you question to Programming subforum or post your question on internet forums dedicated to each tools mentioned


PowerAutomate requires you to login MS account, however. If you don't like that, you have to use other tools.
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