FAD: Nov-09 mondobyte's doing the TOP-DAWG dance today!


Golden Member
Jan 23, 2004
41 active members returned 763,051 points yesterday :thumbsup:

mondobyte leads the pack today with 199,559 points! Honourable mentions go to BadThad (92,398 pts) and Rebel_Alliance (91,510 pts).

LxMxFxD was our highest climber jumping 183 spots!

Today's Milestone Makers
Rebel_Alliance crossed 143M molecules
Silverthorne crossed 67M molecules
BadThad crossed 89M molecules
TA_TheReaper crossed 24M molecules
TA_JC crossed 22M molecules
LastKnight crossed 4 yrs CPU time
Milestones are every 1M pts, 1M molecules, 1 yr CPU time

Please join me in welcoming our newest members:

... and wishing all the best to our departed members:

Welcome all and thanks for crunching with us!

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