Extremely Wild problem


Jun 6, 2001
I've been running the system in my sig for a couple of weeks. I have had zero problems.

I went last night and picked up an Ati built 9700Pro to round out my system. The card over clocks to 378 core 351 mem and loops all night running 3dmark 2001.

Heres the problem, I had to go back and set my fsb to 133 to be able to run any 3d apps. with the Ati card. I can't raise the the fsb 1 mhz. and run any of my 3dgames or benches. This continues even with the Ati card running at default speed.

Remember I've been running this system for 2 weeks totally stable with the GF4 card.

I've tried unlocking the pci/apg bus, running my mem at all divider settings, increased and checked all changeable voltages, reformatted and reinstalled winxp-w-updates,3 different Ati drvs, cleared the cmos, reseated the Ati card checked the connections, I exchanged the Ati card the first one was a rev1.1 the second is rev. 1.0, moved the external Ati power connector to a different PS connector, all I have in the system right now is the Ati card.

I would appreciate your help and suggestions.