Question External rad or dual internal rad?


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Mar 16, 2021
Hoping to get inputs from the group.
I have a lian li O11 D XL and the 3950x and 6900xt will be watercooled. I hastily bought those large 9x120mm radiator and 2 360mm radiators. So now I can't decide if should go for the external rad or keep it internal.
I want to put the case with the 360 rads inside on my table but the table isn't very solid. I could place the fully loaded case against the wall where the wall mounts are or just put it on the floor where it's safer.
If i go for the ext rad, I can't really put the rad and the case on the floor as it takes up too much space because the surge protector is there. Putting it on the table is fine
Can the 360mm rads handle the load? I am sure they can, just that the 9x120mm has been sitting there for 3,4 years and I've been itching for an excuse to use it.


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Aug 11, 2001
I would try to improve the table so it's solid, or put the system on the floor if you can't. Really, I'd put it on the floor anyway as I want more work surface space and the future away a system is, especially with something between it and you, the less noise you'll hear. Downside is depending on the environment, a system on the floor can pick up dust faster.

I find it hard to imagine not having enough space because of a surge protector, possibly picks of the case and area might help, but i'm wondering why you would even consider an external radiator if internal keeps it cool enough? Possibly ease in cleaning it out later? Or frequently working inside the case so want more clearance for that?

Can you wall mount the surge protector or put under the table surface?

I've no idea about handling the load.
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