Exteel 1/29 Patch


Belgian Waffler
Jan 2, 2001
For anyone that plays Exteel, Patch Notes from 1/29

Tuesday, January 29, 2008 ?

For Tuesday's server maintenance we'll be taking down Exteel at 1PM CST (7PM GMT) to apply the new patch. Update: The server is now online.

Patch Notes:

* New map added! (Face Off)
* 2 new Mechanaught sets have been added (one credit based, one NCcoin based).
* 7 new weapons (NCcoin based)
* 8 new skills (credit and NCcoin based).
* Super Deformed (SD) gameplay option - a Mechanaught's head physically changes (ie. gets bigger, generally-speaking) when this option is turned on from the room creation option.
* Territory Control (TC) reward adjustments.
* "Buy NCcoin" button has been added in-game. (Note: This button takes players outside the game to the secure login web page.)
* Skill and paint items will be available with both NCcoin and credits.
* In-game ads: a banner ad has been added to the Lobby. (These are clickable, and will take you outside the game to a web page.) Ads have also been added to some of the game maps. (These are not clickable so don't even try.)
* Various weapon balance changes. This is just the first run at it so more changes are probably yet to come.

Known Issues:

* Some items in the store are not in the proper order.
* Description on some paint cans: some items say something like "available in NCcoin or Credits" rather than "available in Credits and NCcoin."
And I can officially say after 2 hours of playing they totally fucked the balance of the game up.