Explain to me about BH-5 CH-5


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Aug 30, 2002
i have two sticks of 512mb OCZ pc3500 rams
I having problem going over 270fsb on AI7 with 3/2 (which should put the rams around 180mhz)
no matter what I do, it will not boot after 270fsb
I dont think CPU(2.4c M0) is maxed out cuz it runs 270, with default voltage, stock cooler, rock solid
I was looking for an answer and I was told that no matter what settings, AI7 /w CH-5 will not go over 270~275 FSB, where as with BH-5 rams it can easily hit 300fsb(granted that CPU can oc that high)
All I know right now is that my OCZs are made with CH-5 ram chips
What's the difference between BH-5 and CH-5?
How do I know which rams have BH-5?
Is one better than the other?
I think I can squeeze out 300fsb from my AI7/cpu, if I had BH-5 rams...
do you think I should trade/sell off my OCZ for other rams?
thank you


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Mar 30, 2004
If you're running 3:2 then you aren't even up to stock memory speeds. I doubt that 233mhz memory is holding you back when it's only running at 180.

Will it boot at 1:1 when your bus speed is set to 260-270?


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Sep 21, 2001
I just did research on this because I bought some Buffalo CH-5 the other day. BH-5 (and BH-6) are old chips made by Winbond which were infamous for OCing well, getting high FSBs while keeping tight timings. I think Winbond went bankrupt or something, maybe the recalled BH-5 but eventually production was stopped. Hardcore gamers bought up the BH-5 like mad after they found out it OC'd so well. Probably one of the best chips ever to OC in PC history. CH-5's can't OC that high. People have had varied results, with PC3200 they can get from 200mhz to 250mhz even. In most cases however CH-5 220mhz is good, and you should be happy if you get that.

As for how you know, I have no idea.

BH-5 is better than CH-5. I think BH-5 > *, but that's from what I've read.

Even if you sell off your OCZ, I doubt you can get BH-5. People have been looking for BH-5 for a year now...


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Sep 30, 2003
How do I know which rams have BH-5?

I asked this question b4 and was told to remove the heat spreaders and examine the ram markings.


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Jan 29, 2000
BH 5 could get higher FSB's w/ less voltage than CH5 and could do 222 timings were as CH5 could only do 232, winbond is still around, they just don't make BH5 or CH5 chips anymore.


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Dec 29, 2000
Originally posted by: simms
I think Winbond went bankrupt or something, maybe the recalled BH-5 but eventually production was stopped.

Winbond did not go bankrupt, they're still in business.

BH-5 ICs were not recalled. They were simply phased out of production as a newer (cheaper) method of producing ICs was brought online. This happened around July/August of 2003. As it turned out, the earlier BH-5 chips OCed better at tighter timings than the newer, cheaper CH-5 replacements. That's why the BH-5's command a premium these days. They have been out of production for a year now and are possibly the bestt DDR IC's ever produced.