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Jan 28, 2000
So this game is supposed to be some sort of RPG following the life of a conquistador in the new world. You explore and have to balance the morale of the various members of your party who will have differing reactions to just about anything that you do in the world. Talk to the Aztecs vs fight them, etc, etc.

What the game really is, is a camping simulator. You have to manage your ridiculously small supply of food, which somehow you got sent to the new world with not even enough money to buy a week's worth of food when you land. There is disease to manage, and doctors to assign. Guards and hunters to assign their task. Seems like the old Oregon trail game. The 2nd part of the game is a mediocre combat game. I can already see the computer isn't real smart, but damn if it doesn't give itself more guys in most fights, and they seem to crit several times as often. The last part, and the reason I bought the game is the RPG element. It has some interesting dialogue, but its all text. No real animation, no voice over.

So in short, if you're hoping to play Oregon trail in latin america, this is the game for you.


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Oct 7, 2005
I picked it up when it was one of the Steam flash sale choices or something. Have yet to play it though.