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EVGA GTX 260 216 owners

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Sep 13, 2008
Originally posted by: SteelSix
Originally posted by: Shmee
I got my vanilla evga gtx 260 c216 to 710/1500/1200(2400 DDR) stable, but when I bumped it up to 750/1525/1250 I got a BSOD after playing ETQW for a while. Both settings had fan at 80%

I am wondering what is the best way to up the voltage a bit in bios? what programs would one use? Would be nice to get a little more OC out of mine.
With no bios modding you can do 710/1500? You have a good card. My advice, don't bother. Like I mentioned, not many are successful even with voltage mod above 720ish with the 216's. They don't clock as high as regular 260's.

OP, what are your thoughts thus far? Is 675-700 1446/1500 enough of an oc for you?
Ya, I usually have good luck with EVGA cards :D My vanilla EVGA 9800 GTX I had running at 810/2050/1200, stable, 100% fan speed. And the extra RPM's kept it very cool as well.

But, when I was pushing my 9800, and it would crash, the difference was that I got the game to crash, but then the driver recovered, and everything was fine. With my new 260 I got a BSOD, of course I was using different (older drivers) with my 9800. I wonder why I BSODed instead of being able to recover?

Anyways, thanks for the advice, I may go ahead and see what I can do by upping fan speed a bit more, mb max, but that leads me to another question: Is it true running fan at 100% can wear it out?

TY in advance.

Edit: Btw, check out some of the clocks the guys at EVGA forums are getting in the GTX200 oc thread. Some ppl are getting over 2600 mem. :eek: