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EVGA doubles up its Step-Up Program to 180 days

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Feb 26, 2001
When I stepped up from a 260 to a 285 they took the exact price I paid on the invoice off of the new card.
When I tried to do it with my friends 480 they offered $160, not sure how u got that.


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Jan 20, 2010
When I tried to do it with my friends 480 they offered $160, not sure how u got that.
I didn't do anything special, just followed the directions given to me, which included uploading a screen grab of my invoice. Your experience seems to be the abnormal one here, as I've always understood the Step Up program to work as it did in my case.


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Apr 13, 2004
I like Evga products & I think the Step Up program looks great on paper, but it's not always a ray of sunshine. Any of you remember the TR vs KR fiasco from 2 years ago? Remember when they were having retailers place KR products next to TR products on the shelves?

I sent them a couple of nasty emails & it turned into quite the stink on AT. A lot of people got screwed by this shady move. The fiasco became common knowledge and they changed the suffix eligibility.

Point here is, you really have to be on top of your game & know the rules in order for it to be beneficial. Even then, with the queue time, it could still end up being a black eye.

I've always thought the program should have been 180 days, as 90 days is pretty weak.
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