ETL code used in 50 Cablesystem and Telco billing tasks


Nov 1, 2013
ETL code sample used in 50 billing systems

A good Search app is #1
Almost all the source data I ever received was plain text.. And a few packed number fields.. nearly 50 ETLs for CableSystem and Telephone billing systems..
Some simple Dump apps are #2
When you can quickly look at the incoming data you are off and running..
Create your own Dump app for these flat files..
I’d get 6 or 8 different data files during an ETL and have a dump for them all.
a couple hours each is well worth it.. In the most recent tasks I’d change the simple dump prog to replicate the data as it was displayed on the old system..
The new users loved having the old data access.. just like on the former computer…
A lot of ETL people say you don’t convert the transactions or work order history..
I dragged it along.. It was important to see these files.. it just was.. Did the client just make a payment?? Don’t ever overlook any history when doing a good ETL
One other ETL hint…
all the ones I did included a billing system…
To test the Load.. We would compare a billing files generated on the OLD system VS the NEW system. My saying was if the Bills match .. it’s OK.
We’d do the last billing run from the old system..
Once the exceptions were down to a manageable count — a hundred or so..
It was ready
Build one of these simple dump programs for every file.. EASY