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Nov 7, 1999
I had a problem and I'm hoping that someone here can help me figure out what caused it and prevent it from happening again.

I use Windows98 SE and I use a dial-up connection. I came home from work one day and turned on my monitor and saw a blue screen Fatal Exception message about .Vxd. I pressed the spacebar and the same Fatal Exception message popped up again. I hit the spacebar again and it went away. I tried to connect to the internet and got a Error 630: Modem is not responding properly...message and kept getting it for the next couple of days no matter what I did to try and fix it.

Then I went to Microsoft Support from the computer at workd and copied a bunch of possible solutions for Error 630s and this one worked:

Modem may appear to be using COM 1 when configured for COM 2 (actually it said the opposite on the site, but this was the way mine was). Disable COM 1 in Device Manager.

My Computer--Properties--Device Manager--Ports--Expand it--COM 1--Properties--Select the Disable in this Hardware Profile--OK--Then go to Modems in Device Manager--Expand it--Select the Modem on COM 1 (there were two of them listed from when I had tried to re-install the modem as a fix earlier)--Remove--OK--Restart

Then I tried to connect and I was shocked and thrilled when it actually worked.

Now my question is how did it happen so that it doesn't happen again? Here are the things I did just prior to the problem occuring so that maybe someone could tell me what you think I did wrong.

1. I had installed ZoneAlarm, but I really don't think it was the culprit. I was having some problems staying connected for a couple of days before that and I uninstalled ZoneAlarm and that didn't help. Do you think it could have caused the problem or should I feel safe in downloading it again?

2. I downloaded and installed AVG, but I never thought it was causing the problem and I never uninstalled it. It's still running.

3. Now this is what I think caused the problem, but I don't know how. After installing AVG, I tried to uninstall McAfee. I opened the folder and clicked on the uninstall icon and got a message "You are about to change your internet connection. Do you wish to continue?" I clicked yes and expected the uninstall to start, but nothing happened. The McAfee icon was gone from the taskbar, but I can't remember if I had closed it before trying to uninstall it or if it was gone because of clicking on the uninstall. Everything was working that night except that I was getting disconnected from time to time.

I did not shutdown the computer that night and the next day when I came home from work and turned on the monitor there was that blue screen and the Fatal Exception .Vxd message and then the Error 630 message and my problems had started.

One strange thing that happened was that I restarted the computer and at bootup McAfee ran. It had never done that before in the 4 and half years I've had it on the computer.

I think that clicking on the uninstall in the McAfee folder caused this whole problem in some way. Does anyone else think so and how'd that happen. Also, does anyone know how to uninstall a 2000 version of McAfee?

Oh, one other thing, the Modem I have working now is the one that I installed while trying to fix the problem (named ...Modem #2) and the one I removed is the original one. Do you think that's going to make any difference?

I guess I really just have 2 main questions:

1. Do you thing ZoneAlarm caused the problem or do you think it would be safe to download and install it again?

2. Do you think the problem with trying to uninstall McAfee caused the mess and how do I properly uninstall it?

I know this is really long, so thank you in advance to anyone who takes the time to read it all.

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