Apr 3, 2005
From what I understood on wiki about EPP is that it's a mobo feature that works with epp ram to auto configure memory properties like latency and voltage for stability during an overclock. Sounds good, meaning no more trial and error as far as ram goes to get windows and apps to run stable?

"EPP handles many factors, including memory timings to potentially improve performance. Data can be used by the motherboard's BIOS to automatically configure the system. EPP can handle clock speed, CAS latency, tRCD, tRP, tRAS, memory voltage, and command rate." "NVIDIA's name for EPP memory that has been qualified for performance and stability is "SLi-ready memory"."

P.S I know this has been brought up in three posts but nothing addresses the auto feature.


Diamond Member
Apr 16, 2003
EPP just seems to be primarily an extended data set, probably included in the SPD chip on a ram stick. Additional software will be required (a utility on the mb drivers disk?) to allow the data to be used to present suggestions to the user and act as an interface between the user and the data beyond the "auto" settings.