Epox 8KDA3+ USB Problem?


Junior Member
Jun 18, 2005
Hey there! Hope someone can give me some advice here.

I've had this board operating for awhile now with no problems, but there have been a few quirks.

First, I found that using the on-board ethernet, I was unable to connect to certain sites, also my downloads would often have trouble. I ascribed this to either a problem with Service Pack 2, or an issue with my Linksys router, an issue with a driver or...something. I tried everything, then one day I decided to try using a PCI add-in ethernet card in place of the on-board and BINGO...no more trouble.

OK...now the trouble seems to be with my USB ports. They've gone flaky - if they haven't always been so.

First of all I've lost function in two of them - one was the port my printer was plugged into, that's how I noticed it. I figured it got unplugged and that's why it stopped working, but it was still plugged in. I've also got a Haupauge video decoder that keeps needing to be re-recognized and having the drivers re-installed (like with every re-boot) - and I thought my joysticks just had short lives, but I'm thinking now it's my USB ports that are all a-flake.

Here's the odd thing - some of these (like the video-decoder) are not plugged into the board's ports, they're plugged into a PCI add-on card (4 extra USB 2 ports and 2 firewire ports). So that's flaky behavior from the add-on, and flaky or outright non-function on the board's built-in USB.

After thinking, "Oh great, this board's done," I've gone looking for what's going on in motherboards these days and note that...I have a lot of reading to do and some money to spend (SLI? PCIe? Oh no)...so before I go replacing anything, does anyone have any advice on what could be causing these issues? Is it a bum board? A software issue? Something I should look for in the BIOS? Control Panel? A loose wire? Do Epox boards have reputation for this type of problem?

Any pointers or suggestions appreciated.