Envy 14 + SSD upgrade = HD temporary freeze after bootup


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Apr 9, 2010
I installed an SSD in an Envy 14 and restored using the HP image restore discs. The system loads great, but about 30 seconds after bootup, the hard drive activity light pegs out and the system is frozen up for about 30-45 seconds. After this activity is done, the system runs great.

Any idea what is causing this hard drive to peg out?

I have run MSCONFIG and Process Explorer in an attempt to figure out what process is causing this, but it didn't show any program running during this hard drive activity.

I reloaded the Envy 14 with a standard Windows 7 DVD, and the system never has this problem I explained. It has to do with the HP image.

I would just run the stock Windows 7 with the system, but the computer came with Premiere and Photoshop Elements and the only way I can find to install these is with the image restore.

Any ideas?




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Feb 12, 2011
I fix computers and I'll tell you the HP restore app is a nightmare. There is a program you can download for free that addresses this problem called HPbackupfixer. Google it and read all the documentation carefully, its a little tricky but well worth the time and effort. I fixed a friends Compaq Presario laptop using it and was able to retrieve most of his programs and all of his personal data which was a task I found impossible using HP restore alone. Good luck.