Enlighten a noob plz


Aug 16, 2002
Gigabyte 9700 arrived last night. I poped my Leadtek Ti 4600(who only wanted to run at 80mhz agp nothing higher) and did fresh reinstall of windows xp.
Installed all patches, drivers, then ran one of my favorite games. Counterstrike, Everquest, got Horrible frame rate. SO i fiddle around with setting for half an hour,
turn eyecandys up, etc. 2.3/7.77 series Cataylist driver.
Here is the main problem. I have a dual amd rig(xp 1600 modded to mp) running 166X10.5. I had to move it back to 160X10.5 becasue Leadtek was holding it back.
Gigabyte refuses to go over anything but 73mhz(146mhz fsb) Resulting my overall processor speed about 200mhz each. So, iwill mpx2 board not having fancy 1:5 divider, is it worth to get the fps upgrade vs the cpu speed drop?

Also Why is that I feel visual quality on open gl and other games were a LOT better on Geforce 4? God's sake I can turn around on building textures on 9700 with MAX eye candy and it would lookg jaggy as a stair. Geforce 4 at least made it really little dots and it looked smooth. Plz lmk~