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Question engine dwg2pdf rendering speed


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Jan 1, 2018
Good morning to all experts.
For starters, I'd like to ask you for your understanding of the syntax, but I wrote a post through translator.

Issue: dwg2pdf rendering speed.

I have a problem to solve. The company renders pdf files. It uses the pdfplot16res.dll engine. The platform that generates pdf files is AutoCad. Generating 16 A0 sheets takes about 60 seconds/1 sheet. With 16 sheets, it does it for about 16 minutes. We are looking for ways to speed up the generation of sheets. Is acceleration a matter of CPU or GPU? or maybe the problem lies in the dwg2pdf engine. The pdf boards are flat 2D drawings. We know that AutoCad uses a single core. These 16 min. comes out to CPU XeonE3-1226 v3. Will buying a platform for Ryzen 5 5800x speed up x2? According to the passmark E3-1226v3 gives the Single Thread Rating: 2064. Ryzen 5 5800x gives the Single Thread Rating: 3393.
Can we expect an acceleration of dwg2pdf rendering on Ryzen 5 by around 60%, i.e. from 16 min. up to 10 minutes?

Thank you for all the help and tips. Best regards.