Enableing Vertical Sync for video display on 2nd Monitor


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Jan 29, 2007
merry christmas everyone.

how do i enable vertical sync on my secondary display via nvidia control panel 169.21?

I am using media player classic to watch xvids fullscreen on clone/dual view modes so that i can watch them on my hometheatre in the living room. I have a 75ft DVI cable running the signal from my 8800gt. It works fine, and through switching through different resolutions and refreshrates, i am sometimes able to aleviate the tearing problem that plagues me.

I do not know how to get ride of the screen tearing i am experiencing in action sceens in fullscreen movies on my secondary 32" LCD Display. How do i permantly enable v-sync on this monitor? when i enable vsync on my 17in CRT monitor (which is display#1) for gaming, cod4 & crysis, it works fine. but on the 2nd display, in movies.... there are issues.

In "dualview" mode, i can start the file in the 17"crt and drag it on over to the 32LCD and see it playing with vsync enabled. BUT, i have to control the playback controls from the display in the living room, as i can no longer see the player on my 17 crt. blah. When i use clone view, i can see both media players, and use the controls from the CRT, but (there is tearing, and v-sync is disabled on the 32LCD)

is there a way?
Do i need a new media player besides mediaplayer classic/FFDshow?
Do i need a dual display managment software to do it?
Does anyone know the answer to this?



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Oct 6, 2008
I had the same problem with windows media classic. I switched to zoom player and it seems to fix the problem.