EIST is software-controlled!

Discussion in 'CPUs and Overclocking' started by VirtualLarry, Sep 24, 2008.

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    From here

    This makes me wonder - does EIST function in Windows XP? Does it have a driver for EIST support in desktop C2Ds?

    This also makes me wonder about C1E support - is that also software-controlled, or is that handled by hardware?

    Edit: That makes me remember - if you are using XP, then you need to download and install an updated AMD CnQ driver if you are using an AMD CPU and have CnQ enabled in BIOS. So is there an updated EIST driver for Intel systems?
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    C1E = enhanced halt = automatically reduce multiplier and voltage (only if not modified from VID, personally i never say it reduce voltage), controlled by CPU's internal logic.
    EIST = speed step = software / drivers can modify the speed, voltage, etc. Useful from OCing from within the OS, or for running dynamic energy saving programs (like gigabyte DES), or just letting windows itself (if a modern enough version) mess with it.