ECS Black GF8200A Video issues

Matt L

Senior member
Oct 10, 1999
Just picked up an ECS GF8200a to go with my AMD quad core, but I continue to have video issues. I've been running it for 3 days now and randomly for about 3 seconds the screen blacks out. Sometimes 4 or 5 times quickly in a row, sometimes every few minutes. I'm using a HDMI to DVI cable, my monitor is a Acer AL1916W. I've tried resetting the monitor, downloading the latest nvidea drivers for the 8200, and I'm waiting on a new cable from monoprice.

Not sure what to look at next. I can keep typing when the screen blacks out and the content is there, once or twice the screen came back at a weird resolution, and once the monitor said input not accepted. I even disabled HDMI audio in the bios on the odd chance it was causing issues. Is it just a bad board? Got it from Newegg so I guess I can exchange it if need be.

Any ideas????