Ebay question

maximus maximus

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Oct 17, 2004
I had contacted one of the ebay sellers for a car and he has emailed me.. this is his response..

Have ebay sellers from Nigeria migrated to greece now? WTF?

Hello there,
I am glad that you are interested in my 2003 XXXXXX
The car is 2003 XXXXXX in perfect conditions without any mechanical problems. Low miles.
The motor runs very well. Mint condition .The car is very fast and extremely furious and it hasn't been involved in any accident.
I sell the car because I am unable to register the car here in Greece because is an US model.
You must know that now i am located in Athens, Greece and I'll ship my car from here and I'll cover the fees for the ship and insurance to your home address.
Because of my job I am traveling a lot and I can not stay home and expect to meet potential client.
The final price is $5500. The shipping will be made in 7 days and ill be delivered at your door.
You don't need to pay any custom taxes because is US model and I will send the car as a gift or donation.
For payment, I´ll like to use an eBay service, so we´ll be both protected.
Please let me know your thoughts.
Best Regards