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eBay being buggy as usual


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Mar 15, 2003
So I'm trying to list an item on eBay, and it keeps coming up with an error.

I tried eBay chat support, and they said the problem is on their end, and to wait 24 hours and try again.

Is this likely a generic, canned answer?

The fact that eBay is a mess of a website, and always has been, is no secret (inconsistent and different looking/feeling pages, conflicting information, having to constantly re-enter the same information, etc.). But I'd expect it to at least be reliable enough when it comes to basic functionality. Apparently, that's too much to ask for, though.
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May 24, 2003
Most big companies don't really have actual real tech support anymore these days. Chances are you were talking to a bot (or a human overseas that may as well be a bot) that was just looking for keywords. If enough people had support sessions with same keywords it might trigger an event for a human to actually look into it though.