Easiest Way to OC RAM?


Senior member
Sep 30, 2005
Hi all,

When i originally OC my system i basically left out my RAM (assuming the cheap Generic/Value stuff i bought would not do much) and just kept it at 200ish using a divider...

However, now i have a better CPU cooler (AC Freezer) and am waiting for my 7900GT to be delivered i thought i would have a go at re-OC my system espcially tightening up my RAM... as i already know my CPU can be set higher!

I know how to OC RAM... set divider at 1:1 and slowly raise CPU HTT up from 200 in small incriments...1-2mhz small or like 5mhz small?

BUT is the best way to stability test still the bootable MEMTEST disk method... because i think i have seen a windows version of MEMTEST - may have been halucinating though?!?

AND how much can i expect to get out of my RAM? ATM it is running at 205mhz because i am running my HTT @ 250 with divider at 333 (not tested but i have NO stability issues at all) - a huge 5mhz raise :D