Earlier plans for better TV audio must be modified -- possibly with a bluetooth device


Jun 30, 2004
I've told the whole story elsewhere in recent threads with different questions. After 12+ years of non-stop 24-hour use, my LG Smart HDTV began to act flaky. I need a 43" HDTV, now a 4K TV, and the replacement Sony X85K arrived today. I knew when I ordered it that it didn't have a 3.5mm phone jack so I could attach any 2.1 computer speaker system which always has a 3.5mm male plug.

I'm going to integrate my HTPC by attaching it with HDMI, with the 5.1 speaker system of the HTPC providing sound. But for streaming from my ROKU and at the moment, I would then only have sound from the TV's speakers, and I want better audio from the TV. About six months ago, contemplating this project, I'd purchased a Klipsch 2.1 computer-speaker system for about $90 at COSTCO, and it has just been sitting here in the box. I had done this before with a 2.1 PC speaker set, plugged into the LG. [Those speakers are now deployed elsewhere.]

Obviously, I could just go out and spend $500 on a soundbar enhancement for the TV.

The TV has bluetooth for earbuds and bluetooth headphones. They make products like this:

Bluetooth Receiver/Transmitter

These types of items are pretty cheap. I would only need to plug the Klipsch speakers into a power source, do what's necessary to power the dongle device, and I should be able to use the Sony with a conventional 2.1 speaker system with its 3.5mm stereo connection.

Am I right about this? Anyone wish to recommend something?

If it works, I can save the $500 and finally get the use out of the Klipsch speakers.