Question E5-1650 V4 Is It Okay for Gaming and AE?


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Mar 1, 2020
Hey Everyone,

I'm having a hard time deciding if this processor is good or not for gaming and I can't find anyone who has the same processor so he can tell me his personal experience. So, I hope I can find something here.

I'm on a limited budget so I want to buy a Used workstation from a Store here where I live (I'm Based in Cairo) He usually import them from outside the country.

Which has these specs:
Z440 (700W)
E5-1650 V4
32GB ECC REG 2400MHz

BTW, the best price that I got so far was 5500 EGP which Is equal to 350$

I already have
1Tb Seagate and 250 GB Samsung SSD 860 EVO
GTX 1060 3GB (Windforce 2X cooling system)

I mainly want to use it for Professional Work using After Effects and for Gaming.
I don't know if this PC is a good choice or not or will it run games/after effects smoothly or not and I don't know if this Pc will allow me to upgrade anything in the future except the RAM and GPU.
So I hope if anyone can help me in this regard.

A little bit about After Effects:
After Effects mainly utilize Higher clock speed with lower cores better than many cores with lower speed and the same goes for RAM.
If anyone want to get a clue about how After effects uses the CPU and RAM here is a Benchmark that was designed specially for the program by Puget System last year and some explanations and reference CPUs.
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May 18, 2019
since it's essentially a broadwell-e 6 core(i7-6800K) with higher factory clocks this should give you an idea what to expect in Apex Legends

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