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Dec 9, 1999
It's nice to see the intellectual elite arrive at the conclusion after study that water is indeed wet. Only way this has a prayer of changing is introduce term limits, and even then, it'll still be majority crooks. But at least then you only have the crook for 1/3 of the time you do now.

Really what we need is the type of person who is not looking to make a career out of politics, who views getting elected as serving their country and not themselves, as a sacrifice. Someone bigger than themselves, for the good of all the people they represent not just themselves and their masters. Who wants to get there, serve a term or maximum two, and hand it off to the next person with the same attitude.

Good luck finding people like that. We indoctrinate people to think about themselves from a young age, then really drive that up in high school, college, and early adult life. Where will such people come from?
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