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Dungeon Siege 3 - something to tide us over until Diablo


Mar 7, 2009
I've seen a lot of hate over DS3, and after playing the game for a few hours, I can say it is really undeserved. The game is quite good, actually. Though I rarely play games for the story, I find it is quite well written and thought-out, and the voice-overs are better than a lot of games of late. The loot is certainly not diablo quality, but some of it is interesting and it requires a little bit of thought as to what you should wear. The abilities and talents are fairly limited and straight forward so far, but I can see already that there will be multiple ways to play the same character, so there is enough variety.

Sure, the game is consolised, but I play with an Xbox360 controller on my pc, and it works perfectly. The game is fairly pretty to look at, though character models are fairly generic. Not a single crash since I've started it. It seems to me people heap praise on other games that are less fun and even more generic, but quick to hate certain other games. I personally like this game more than Dungeon Siege I or II, though it shares very little in common with those games. (I actually dislike the first two Dungeon Sieges for multiple reasons, which I won't get into)