dual monitor dvi/vga vs dvi/dvi with price constraints


Jul 14, 2002
I am building a new computer. I am going to buy 2 lcd monitors (17 or 18 inch)
I am going to go DVI on monitors so that i will be able to keep them for a while when i upgrade and stuff.

I want to spend about 110 bucks.
My choices are :

DVI+DVI output Geforce FX 5200
asus video suite starting at $113
DVI+VGA ouput GeForce4 TI 4200
128mb ddr starting at $103
64mb ddr starting at $82

Background on myself: I hardly play any video games so i dont need the killer framerate. My old video card was geforce 2 mx 400. When I first bought my old video card it could play all games fine but now it seems to be a little laggy with new games like the army game castle wolfenstein enemy territory especially with fog and smoke.

Will the viewing quality for non games be better for geforce 4 ti 4200 or for dvi/dvi with geforce fx 5200 ?


Senior member
Jul 2, 2003
I would suggest an ATI video card if you want quality dual monitor performance and gaming performance. If you didnt care anything about games, I would highly recommend a Matrox card.