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Dual HDMI monitors from Ryzen5 2400G and GPU


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Nov 25, 2013
Asus Prime B450-M, Ryzen 5 2400G, AMI BIOS, Win10 64-bit, latest Windows updates and Radeon drivers. Mostly office apps, no high-frame-rate or dual-screen gaming

I have been running extended Windows desktop on a 32" Samsung UHD monitor from the HDMI output and a 21" Samsung SyncMaster from DVI-D. Now I'm replacing the latter with a Samsung 28" UHD and would like to get its full 3840x2160 resolution as well, so I need another HDMI output.

If possible, I would like to add an inexpensive GPU in the available PCIex16 3/2 slot rather than replace the integrated graphics entirely. I tried putting in an old Radeon HD5750, but Win10 froze on the sign-in screen, and wouldn't even get that far after the BIOS automatically tweaked some CMS settings. Are there tricks to setting up coexistence like this? Would I have better luck with a newer card like the Visontek Radeon 5450, or spend a lot more for a card with 2 HDMI outputs and replace the Ryzen's graphics entirely?


Jun 26, 2010
You also have the option of displayport / mini-displayport to HDMI adaptors / dongles if the cards you can get don't have the HDMI ports you need