Dual boot Raid setup questions


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Dec 13, 2000
Just got my KT7-Raid fired up and I am adding 2 new 30GB Seagate HDD's in addition to my Quantum 30Gb. Want the Seagates on the highpoint controller (IDE 3&4), w/ Raid+0 setup(stripping) and my Quantum on IDE#1. My question is if I can have these hdd's partioned and have a dual boot system w/ Win98 and WinMe or Win 2K installed. How do I start this setup? When you setup Raid it deletes everything on your drives - at least the way I understand it. Do I partition during setup of the Raid+0 or what? Excuse my blabbering but I'm new to Raid setup although it seems to have speed advantage over conventional setup.

Thanks in advance.