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Discussion in 'Digital and Video Cameras' started by Kokain, Nov 20, 2012.

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    I want to know if there is a DSLR camera out there that can be set at different focus points to take those shots with a single button press. A lot of cameras are advertised with 9-12 focus points, I was hoping I can choose 3-4 desired once and when I'm ready, I press the shutter release a photo is taken, lens adjusts to next focus point, a photo is taken, lens readjust to next focus point and another photo is taken until all are done. I know you can do this with a software but I want a camera that is capable without hooking it up to a computer.
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    I don't think there's any DSLR that can do exactly what you want.

    Most DSLR's have a motion tracking setting where it utilizes all focus points, and if the (perceived) subject is moving from one focus point to the next then it will "follow" it among the focus points.
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    Read DPReview.com and if you cant find it, join their forums and ask them.
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    The Lytro Light Field Camera can capture a broad range of focus points that you can select from after the fact on your computer. It is not up to DSLR resolution or other features.