Droid Charge gets its first OTA update

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Feb 19, 2001
It looks like Anand measured battery life using stress test type benchmarks. I think Engadget was talking about standby time or total battery life under "normal use".

Either way I hope someone looks into this more because I may be in the market for one of these phones and battery life is very important to me.

Problem is this is unscientific and usually depends on how they review it. For instance they got the SGS2 to 2 days, but the Sensation died after like 26 hours. The Sensation to them was a win though because in idle mode it uses less power than SGS2. However they don't have apples to apples "normal use" usage times to compare to. It's all anecdotal.

Similarly, that's how we're seeing the the Charge and Thunderbolt. It may be indeed in favor of the Charge, but I haven't seen any scientific numbers come out yet. Shrug.