Dr. Paul's campaign gave Palin her start, not McCain's campaign

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Lemon law

Nov 6, 2005
There may be some validity that Palin was on more than one short list as a national candidate. And for an ego maniac like Palin it went to her head.

But in terms of being a viable candidate for national office, IMHO, Sarah Palin with her ego and ignorance, did herself in every time she opened her mouth.

As a propagandist and a demagog, Palin clearly excels, but propaganda and demagoguery does not translate into sound government policy. Its why Palin disapproval rating always are greater than her favorable ratings. Even among Republicans.

But what do we expect with threads started by anarchist420, who is easily overwhelmed too easily, and wonders why every one else is underwhelmed by his fantasies.


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Feb 13, 2010
I think Sarah Palin used to be a paleocon, and then all of a sudden the pro-managed trade, pro-war, pro-immigration, pro-welfare state Troskyite neocons brainwashed her starting with 9/11.

Here's the evidence, unless PJB is staight up lying. I don't think he is though, I think Sarah Palin had to deny that she supported him, because it would've ruined McCain's support, especially among AIPAC, had it been widely known that Palin was originally anti-neocon.

In addititon to that and what was mentioned in the OP, her husband was part of the Alaskan Independence Party.

Sarah Palin is now returning her antiwar roots, because she realized it wasn't in the best interests of individual liberty. She was a little late, but at least she wasn't one of the pro-war people (McCain, Graham, Bush family, Cheney) who were trying to destroy american society from within. She was pro-war because she was dumb enough to believe it protected individual liberty.

Sarah Palin was once a right wing populist, now she's coming back to that. May McCain spend all eternity in hell for brainwashing her.

If I hadn't known Reagan's record as Governor of CA, then I would've thought he was originally a paleolibertarian who was corrupted or threatened by his VP. However, his record as governor of CA disproves whoever might hold that theory that GHWB corrupted him.


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Apr 18, 2000
Sarah Palin is a moron - plain and simple.

If she didn't have that body/face, she never would have even run for office, let alone won an actual election.

She's a joke to even be discussed as a candidate, let alone a presidential one.

I'm not saying a pretty woman can't be president - but they have to more than that going for them.


Jun 2, 2000
I don't think Ron Paul has a good enough poker face to avoid grimacing when Sarah Palin says something ridiculous. I also give Ron Paul enough credit to think that he is not stupid enough to select Palin as a running mate (when McCain did it she was pretty much unknown).

But if a Palin and Paul ticket got nominated there would be dancing in the streets-me among others.
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