Double-check your homeowners' insurance details.


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Jul 27, 2004
I have coverage with an "on your side" insurance company, been with them for decades, both houses and auto. Had a significant loss last year, tree on house, and they were great. Got a crew here the next morning to get it off the house and tarp the roof. Claims and reimbursement covered everything and were hassle-free.

Got an email that my renewal policy for the next renewal documents were available to download (I'm completely paperless), so I logged in and opened it. Hmmm... price seemed a little high compared to previous... scroll through and notice the fire department I'm covered by isn't correct. Though mailing address/zip is all correct it shows the house in a different zip code covered by a rural department 6 miles away and a 9E rating, and no hydrants is my fire protection. The reality is I'm less than 2 miles away from a Class 2 rated department, hydrant within 100 yards.

Turns out there is another road with the exact same name in the county, but the house number ranges do not overlap, and that is where they thought my house sits.

Looked back, been that way since the renewal in November 2018. Called my local agent and explained all this. She said she will contact the home office to sort this out. She called back in a couple of hours... it seems they went to a new computer system, and it searched GIS data to determine fire ratings... and screwed up.

They are refunding the difference in premiums for the last 4 years, which will be in the thousands, and corrected the new policy which dropped the premium $635 for the year.


Nov 21, 2001
We did the same, had everything re-valued and it more than doubled the premium. We were woefully underinsured!