DOSBox-X in Linux: Setting up configuration files for individual DOS games possible?


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Jan 10, 2011
Is it possible to set an individual configuration file in DOSBox-X for individual DOS games in Linux? I did this in Windows, where I could just put my DOSBox-X installation in the parent folder of each DOS game, create a custom DOSBox-X configuration file inside the parent folder for each DOS game I have, and then created a batch file for each DOS game to use as the game launcher. However, I'm trying to figure our how to do in in Linux. Linux does not support .bat files, so that's where I'm stuck at create a game launcher for each DOS game I have in Linux. I did copy over the "com.dosbox_x.DOSBox-X" folder to the game's (not actually a game but a DOS benchmark suite called DOSBench but the method wouldn't be any different that with an actual DOS game) parent directory. So currently I only have one DOSBox-X configuration file, and that's in the main installation that is inside the "/home/username/.var/app/com.dosbox_x.DOSBox-X/config/dosbox-x" directory in my Linux installation and this would be share for whatever DOS game I install in Linux. Also where is the DOSBox-X script file stored in Linux? Is it equivalent the the DOSBox-X.exe file in Windows? In addition, this would make it more portable as I wouldn't have to install a main installation of DOSBox-X next time I reinstall Linux as each DOS game would have their own DOSBox-X installation. This is how I do it in Windows.
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