Discussion Doom has a Vodka! No need for iddqd anymore I guess


Nov 22, 2008
Good marketing campaign!! while making some extra $$. Avalable only at www.doom.vodka, preorder for just 45 pounds but alas, available only in Europe and Australia :(

Would have definitely gotten one if it was available in US of A. Looking forward to the game though, will be upgrading to RTX before is comes out. 2016 reboot was pretty enjoyable, lets hope this one's not a disappointment.



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Aug 21, 2005
I'm waiting for Donkey Kong bourbon. Why else would DK have all those extra barrels around to fling at Mario?
Mar 11, 2004
OK no info on the Vodka, needs info.:rolleyes:
It apparently has cow bones in it?

Of course, let’s not the most important – and more than slightly unusual – part, the cow bones. These are provided by London butchers The Ginger Pig, “where animal welfare is unparalleled” according to McGivern. The press release describes the additions as “the finest quality and ethically sourced beef bones and organic ingredients.”
“The vodka itself is an organic wheat base,” the press release describes. “Once the bones have been roasted and smoked, the marrow is extracted and macerated in neutral grain alcohol. To extract the best flavour and the clearest spirit, it’s distilled at a very low temperature in a vacuum still to collect the essence of what makes this flavour a delicacy.”
Which, JHumeC, a vodka marketing tie-in with Doom is even gone full blown hipster. I think I'm done with modern society. I'd have expected something like 4Loko with chili peppers. Or like some skull head bottle full of grain alcohol that you're suppose to light on fire.

I'm surprised audiophile companies haven't gotten into this type of thing. I see a lot of them bragging up their drinking habits, and they'd probably buy cross licensed booze.
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