Domain of Games searching for Hardware Expert


Jun 8, 2000
I hope I posted in the correct forum, but I didn?t see any forums specifically for this kind of post, so I guess I couldn?t be that off-topic in an off-topic forum :) I work for Domain of Games ( and we are looking for a hardware expert. By that I mean someone who can write informed, non-biased reviews and articles for the site. As you may guess by the name of our site, we are very game oriented. We provide news, reviews, and interviews for the gaming community. Although our name may be unfamiliar to some, we do contribute much to the gaming community. We have recently held interviews with Kornelia, many of the Counter-Strike mappers, and are currently conducting interviews with Fatality, Wombat, Lunch (leader of cK), and the Front Line Force team. We also have a Counter-Strike league with over 100 clans, and a Half-Life DM league about to start as well. In addition to this we hold numerous LAN tournaments (many at the CPL) and our founder, Frank Nuccio, is currently hard at work on the upcoming CPL Counter-Strike tournament at Babbages. This is not to brag, but simply to show you that if you are interested in writing articles for us, your material WILL be read. Domain of Games (formerly Domain of Pain) has been around for a long time and has formed it?s own community, but we have recently decided to expand our efforts to serve the gaming community. You would be expected to write a column/review at least once a month, if you can do more that is great. You can also (if you want) post hardware related news on the main news page, although that is not a requirement. If you are interested in such a job, please contact me at If you are applying, please include the following:

-Any information that you think would help us in making a decision.
-How many articles a month you would be willing to do.
-A brief ?test? article to show off your writing abilities.

We will of course not use anything you write unless you are selected. Thanks!