Does your Slotkets go bad consistently?

Jun 2, 2000
Interesting story:

Back in the spring, I had a BE6-II with a Cel 366@550. One day I was tinkering (which I do too much) with the system, and I heard a POP! when I plugged the computer back in and turned on the power. Sounded like a capacitor on the MB blowing - just a real quick pop. Anyway, it turned out the MB and MSI slotket were now unusable.

Now go move forward to the present:

Since the first episode, I have bought a new BE6-II MB and got a new Cel 566@850 with a MSI 6305 (6309, or whatever). Been running overclocked for over a month. Last weekend, I tried lowering the voltage on the slotket itself to what the maximum speed I could get at a certain voltage - standard overclocking testing. I had actually lowered the voltage from 1.8v @ 850 and now was 1.75v @ 830. I ran CPU Stability Test for 6 hours with no problems and then ended the stability test and just left the computer idle (no programs running). I came back into the room a few minutes later and the computer was frozen. I did a hard reset - and GOT NOTHING! No video, nothing - it was like the processor was not recognized (no beeps)

I heard no pop, so I thought it was just something loose. I messed with the video card, slotket, swapped out RAM, and took all the cards out except for the video card - still nothing. I even got my old Cel 366@550 with generic slotket out and put it in. It worked fine for one boot and then it did the same thing.

Come to find out, the MSI slotket went bad. I got another MSI and everthing was back to normal. I am still puzzled why it seems both slotkets (MSI and generic) just went bad. I have not tried the generic one again, but I am sure that is what is wrong.

Has anyone else had this problem with slotkets in general? When I went and got the new MSI slotkets, I got 2 of them because I know this will probably happen again in the future.

Any ideas?


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Oct 10, 1999
Nope, I have been running my celeron 366@550 with a MSI slotket for nearly a year now- no problems.