Question Does various companies provide different performance for the same Graphics Card? Like for exam 1660ti : MSI,ASUS, ZOTAC,GALAX.


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Jul 28, 2020
Does various companies provide different performance for the same Graphics Card? Like for example 1660ti : MSI,ASUS, ZOTAC,GALAX.Like how does it matter if I buy a cheaper one?


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Dec 28, 2007
The performance varies, but this is to the vast majority due to the quality of the included fan/heatsink. Modern GPUs suck quite a bit of power as you probably know, so a better heatsink will keep the GPU cooler, and thus able to turbo higher and performing better. Fundamentally though, all GPUs regardless of card manufacturer perform similarly (within some fairly small error bars likely), at default settings - like if you were to water cool the GPU and thus able to reliably hit max turbo clock.

All cards also use similarly performing memory at stock speed, as this will be mandated by the GPU manufacturers themselves. The particular memory chips themselves may differ though and overclocking headroom could vary between one manufacturer or another.

The big divergence factor is so-called "gaming"/"overclock" or whatever edition cards that have higher spec components and higher default clock speeds. These cards tend to be expensive and have big heatsinks and big PCBs with lots of voltage regulation circuitry on them, as you probably know already. :)

So it's really the heatsink that dictates how well your card will score in a benchmark these days. Still, it's rare with heatsinks so bad they noticeably cripple a card*, so while one offering could be faster than another it's usually within a mostly irrelevant margin unless you're one of those who compulsively chase the bleeding edge...

HTH! :)

*AMD reference design heatsinks don't have the best reputation, generally speaking. :) You may want to avoid such a card, especially if it uses a radial blower fan type design as they have typically been noisy and not super good exactly.