Does this song suck? Yes or no.


Dec 12, 2000
So here I am testing out this new Foobar thing, and all of a sudden this (right-click save as) starts playing. I swear I've never heard this song but I've listened to this album many times (I really like Thievery Corporation.) I started listening and I was horrified! Not over the fact that this song was released, but that it was picked up and included in a compilation!!

WTF is the singer saying? 'Na na na, na NA na na NA'...' the man....potpourri...come to me...' ???

Listen and you will understand...then DELETE it!



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Feb 22, 2000
Hmmm... Actually I think it's remarkable that Thievery Corp was able to remix a song like "Ticker-Tape of the Unconscious" (it's a song by Stereolab BTW)... if you listen to the original you'll be able to appreciate that remix more. The song has actual vocals, but TC didn't use them in the remix, instead concentrating on the little background vocal riff (the one you're talking about) adding a sweet snare beat and bassline and deleting the horns and organ... they really mellowed it out (not that the original wasn't already mellow).

That whole album is nothing but remixes of other people's songs... David Byrne, Pizzicato 5, Hooverphonic, Gus Gus, etc. I think it's a great album personally, and scarily enough the remix of "Ticker-Tape" is one of my favorite tracks.

Different strokes I guess!