Discussion Does someone here owns or takes part in a github project that I can contribute to?

Amol S.

Platinum Member
Mar 14, 2015
I am looking for something that is with any of the following languages:
*C++(I have no idea in graphics programming, don't know how to do multi-threading in c++)
*HTML (very basic understanding with CSS, never used JS)

It's not a requirement, but I would like something related to Information and/or Cyber Security. It's ok if it's not related to that subject area.

The project can't be owned by a corporation in China, Russia, Cuba, or any country sanctioned by the U.S., could cause problems later in life if I need to get Secret Clearance (not sure if I have to at some point in the future, as I do not know where my career will lead me).

Am currently looking for a job, and my github mostly contains my own projects that I worked by myself on, not much collaboration or useful pull requests where it would look nice to add my github to my resume.