does nvidia still rebrand cards?

Discussion in 'Video Cards and Graphics' started by Shephard, Nov 10, 2012.

  1. toyota

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    a gt620 is much much faster than a 6600 so something else is an issue there.
  2. SPBHM

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    Sep 12, 2012
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    sure, but how different GF114 really is from the GF104?
    performance at the same clock is any different? (if you only use 336 cores like they did with the gtx 460 and 560), even some newer GTX 460 (some of those 192bit cards with 1GB called "GTX 460 V2" and things like that) actually used the "gf114" I think, the changes from 104-114 didn't look all that significant (far less than 100 to 110), they were basically tuning the manufacturing process for lower leakage and things like that as far as I know.
    that's why I said "in a way" and not something like "exactly", it's not like with the 8800GT.

    from the 6 series onwards nvidia dropped support for something related to 8 bit textures, I know because back when I had a 8600GT I couldn't play some games like MGS without some mods, while my radeon would run without any problem.

    but 6600 faster than gt 620 doesn't make much sense... in newer games I'm sure the 520/620 is MUCH faster, but even for older games it should deliver something close at least (if you look at the specs)...
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    haha, stop rebranding... you are hilarious man :)

    Not only did they not stop, but nvidia does it more then ever and in fact AMD picked up the habit as well.

    Because it works, people pay more money for an identical product with a bigger number. They go "hey, FREE MONEY!"
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