Question Does Intel RST on 12th gen boards allow software raid hard disks to spin down?


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Oct 10, 2005
I have a Nas box that I've been using for 5 years now with a Z170 board and a 7600k. Originally when I setup the system, due to a bug in the Intel RST driver I had to find and install a specific, very old version of the driver in order for the hard disks I have in a raid to be allowed to spin down when idle.

It's always been a headache with windows 10 trying to backrev to such an old driver and not have it auto update to a newer, broken version.

I'm considering upgrading the box to Intel 12th gen so it has enough power to handle on the fly transcoding and other demanding tasks for Plex/etc however I need to know if the current version of Intel RST allows the hard disks to sleep again - the newest version of the driver for z170 still has this bug.

Does anyone have a 12th gen board with an RST sata raid with hard disks that can check if their drives are allowed to spin down?
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