Does Bush get more backlash from Americans or foreigners?


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Oct 9, 1999
Well it is different in the US. If you shun bush in most other countries it is pretty routine, if you do it here you are "a terrorist", remember "you're either with us or you're a terrorist", everything is black and white. Seriously, fortunately there is a lot going on in the US, because that kind of criticism is the kind that can actually maybe make a difference. When you are talking about the most powerful country in the world the only way to really effect change is from within. We have some incredible dissidents in the US, most notable in my mind is Noam Chomsky. I don't agree with everything he says but his historical memory is incredible.

To answer your question there is more backlash everywhere else, but more important backlash from within.


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Aug 10, 2001
i guess that depends on the part of the world. there seem to be a lot of people at home and abroad that dont think twice about the man. but it seems like the people at home that dont think about him are pretty apathetic while the people abroad that have written him off have done so in a more negative fashion.


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Jan 12, 2001
Bush gets more backlash from foreigners (especially Europe) because there are a lot of folks in the United States who would stand by anything that they are told to. When a "war" is going on, alot will blindly follow the President and what the Country does--these people are called "Nationalists", and they are typically found in rural, uneducated (when compared to City) areas. And our current President's Regime tells people to shut up and not criticize the Regime, or else we are "non-patriots". What a spew of garbage!

In other countries, you don't have them being Nationalistic to the US, just because they are not from the US.

These people got it right: the US stuck its middle finger up at them, called them names, invaded another country without merit or justification (they gave a reason but no "rock solid evidence" of ANYTHING, even to this very day after 4 months of occupation), and they are calling the Bush's Regime's actions for what it is: bvllshit.

Thank God we have the rest of the world fighting against Bush's Regime and actions. And thank God they don't hold this against the United States & it's citizens, but solely against the appropriate people: the Bush Regime. When the Bush Regime is removed from office next november, relations with the world will get back to normal.