Question Does anyone use CCProxy or could help me with some simple tasks with it?


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Mar 1, 2021
We currently have several Windows instances running on AWS EC2 running CCProxy. We allow several users to connect to each CCProxy server via IP Whitelist. We have an admin area (on windows and via public password protected web page) that allows us to change the IP Whitelist for each user.

Each server has a custom FQD which gets access to that particular server and allows user management (name/pw/ip/etc)

We want to create a separate webpage where a customer can change their IP Whitelist IP themselves based on a few different variables.

Example: user has account. The user would want to update his IP to a new one. User will need to know their proxy “account name” which is listed in their dashboard. User can go to custom webpage and there will be a few fields. pull down box with all the servers currently online (city1, city2, city3, etc) which they would choose the one they are looking to change. The next field would be their username within that server. There would then be a box for them to enter their new IP address. A submit button would be pressed. After submit they would get a message based on success or failure. If they typed an invalid username it would alert them of this. If the IP was formatted incorrectly it would alert them of this. Advise them to double check the server they’re trying to change and the username to make sure it matches, if still doesn’t work they would need to contact support.

Upon success the development would need to connect to the correct server, update the IP address and submit it based on the criteria given from the form submit.

Another more simple method would be to assign each user a password as well as username and then in CCProxy on the remote admin if you put in the user's username and password it takes you to a different page which allows them to change their password. However with some modification it may be possible to add a field to IP update.

On the windows server where CCProxy lives there is a /web folder which has the 2 different html files (1 for admin and 1 for user). There is also a php file which controls certain aspects.


CCProxy User Page


CCProxy Admin Page​

Another option is to be able to give the user a string command like:

IP: xxx.xx.xx.x
Port: xxxx
User: bobjoel1
Pass: xxxxx

To set or update your whitelisted IP go to:

Anyone have any thoughts on this or have messed with it previously. I have a dev server which I can offer to share so you can see the html & php files as well.

Thanks Brad